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What your birthing order says about you

Do you tend to get really upset when your meticulously-planned weekend trip goes south? Do you just go with the flow when plans crumble? Whether you know it or not, your birthing order might have something to do with the way you react to daily issues.

Researchers and personality analysts have concluded that personality can be strongly predicted by birth order. We take a deeper look into the personality traits traditionally associated to each birthing category

The Pioneer

Did you know that 100% of astronauts who’ve gone into space have been firstborns? If you’re the oldest child, it’s likely you’re a natural leader, planner and over-achiever. Firstborns like to take control and tend to be perfectionists. They are used to being the center of attention and acceptance is important to them. In fact, approval can play an important part in their careers, spouse selections and other life choices.

Firstborns easily take on the role of caretakers for their younger siblings, as they tend to be over-reliable and very responsible. Their strong sense of organization often leads them to choose careers that require precision.

The Arbitrator

If you’re a middle child, you’re likely to be the peacemaker between your siblings. John F. Kennedy, a world-renowned peacemaker, was a middle child. The middle child is usually a mediator, good negotiator and a peace-loving individual. This child is also competitive in nature and utterly loyal. The middle child often feels out of place, both within the family and out, resulting in a more reserved and quiet persona. Sometimes feeling a lack of attention at home, the child looks for comfort outside. This usually results in a big group of friends and increased involvement in extracurricular activities.

The Sweet Baby

If you’re the youngest child, your creative spirit is very strong and you might go out of your way to prove your individuality. Lastborns are usually artistic, friendly and very easygoing. They are also risk-takers because they tend to feel indestructible and don’t require a strong sense of security. This can come as a result of more relaxed yet still protective parents. Their career choices tend to be artistic in nature with flexible schedules. Other common lastborn traits are charming, popular, caring and forgiving.

The Lone Ranger

If you’re an only child, you likely have the traits of both the firstborn and the youngest child. Only children are often mature, responsible and leaders. They are confident in their own capabilities due to being raised surrounded by adults. The only child is more articulate and intelligent than other children and is great at problem-solving. If you’re an only child, you’re likely to enjoy adult, mature conversations and have a strong sense of ownership.

What’s more important than your birthing order is the way you relate to those around you. Make sure you create an environment that is positive, safe and healthy for the ones you love most. If you have siblings, find some quality time to reconnect with them, and create new memories!