About Us

Learn about CareSpot, our leadership, and our trusted partners.

Remember the days of having to wait a week for an appointment? Traveling from one facility to another – first for X-rays, then for blood work, then once more for prescriptions? Some might take comfort in the familiar, but most patients are left wondering, why is the healthcare industry stuck in the past? Does receiving care have to be such an inconvenience? Not anymore.

CareSpot is improving how people experience healthcare.
We exist to offer you convenient healthcare and a great patient experience
How does CareSpot offer you convenience?
  • More than 30 Florida locations are available so that our centers are convenient to your home or workplace. Note: Additional locations with our other brand, MedPost Urgent Care, are available in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas.
  • Extended hours, with most locations open 7 days a week – including weekends and holidays.
  • You can schedule your appointment or save your spot in advance via www.CareSpot.com -- this can help minimize wait time at the center. 
  • Lab work and X-rays are performed in-house, and many common prescriptions can also be filled at the center (we don’t stock narcotics) during your visit. This can save you the hassle of having to make trips to multiple places to get what you need to feel better.
  • Value – The right treatment at the right time, and right cost -- the same-day care you need when the ER doesn’t make sense for your condition, and at a better value. Most insurance plans are accepted. Not using insurance? Clear and reasonable self-pay rates make it easy for you to get the care you need, when you need it.
  • Treatment for the whole family, including children 6 months and up.

Your Patient Experience:
  • Time – We know your time is valuable, and as a result our goal is for patients to be in and out within an hour. Of course, more complex cases and unexpected volume at centers will sometimes influence the workflow; but roughly two-thirds of visits are within an hour.  
  • Electronic records systems provide each CareSpot location access to the same information – that means you can visit any location within a region and know that staff will have your CareSpot medical records easily accessible. If you’re a returning patient, this can reduce time and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.
  • CareSpot centers are clean, well-lit, modern and comfortable to make any time in the lobby a more pleasant experience.

The Integration of Care:
We recognize the value of your primary care physician (PCP). 
… and we’re connected. At most locations, we’re affiliated with a large hospital system. In those cases, your records can be sent to your PCP if he or she is associated with that system. This helps make sure your PCP is knowledgeable about your visit and has a record of tests already performed, which can help reduce the potential of duplicate costs. It also provides your PCP a more comprehensive overview of your healthcare needs.
If we find that you need specialized or ongoing care, we’re happy to help you arrange that with a specialist or PCP. 
CareSpot and MedPost
CareSpot is operated and managed together with MedPost Urgent Care, with both brands expanding together across the United States to provide immediate medical attention and treatment. CareSpot and MedPost provide care to patients in convenient locations with extended hours, including holidays and weekends. Core service offerings for CareSpot and MedPost are urgent care, wellness, in-house lab work and X-rays, seasonal care, and occupational health. While never required, appointments are also available. Additionally, CareSpot.com and MedPost.com offer online check-in capabilities and can coordinate referral options when specialty or follow-up care is needed. CareSpot and MedPost provide convenient, quality care that not only fits into the patient's schedule, but is also an affordable alternative to the emergency room.