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Medicine or Malarkey: Busting Myths about Organ Donation

Did you know that one organ donor has the potential of saving eight lives? While…

Healthcare 101: Baby, it’s cold(ish) outside — 5 tips for getting fit indoors

We’ve all been there — we have the best intentions of exercising more, but life…

Medicine or Malarkey: Can plants make you healthier?

Looking for an easy way to be healthier in the new year? Trying adding some…

Healthcare 101: Are you sticking to those resolutions? Tips to make them last

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? If so, here’s hoping it’s going well!

Medicine or Malarkey: Does being a “normal” weight mean you’re healthy?

First off, let’s acknowledge the obvious: The meaning of “normal” weight is not an exact…

Medicine or Malarkey: Can being cold make you sick?

It’s time for a round of Old Wives Tales versus Science!

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