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4 Tips to Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

Are you being the best “You” that you can be? Don’t wait a lifetime if you haven’t stayed true to your New Year’s resolution, it’s never too late to pick it up again. You wouldn’t want to be sheepish about self-improvement during the zodiac year of the sheep!

Many of us vowed to end a bad habit, start a healthy diet, spend more time with loved ones or something of the like. It is easy and often times fun to think of improvements you can make to your life. The tough part is staying committed to these resolutions. A University of Scranton study revealed that only about 8% of people end up reaching their New Year’s resolution goals. For those who are worried about not staying committed to their New Year’s resolutions, here are four simple things to do to help you stick them out:

Be Realistic and Specific

Alter your resolution to make it realistic and attainable. It would be very ambitious to set out to lose a ton of weight or save up a large sum in your savings account, but it is much more doable and to accomplish something specific. Run for 30 minutes every day after work at 5:30pm, save 10% from each paycheck you receive, etc.

Setting smaller, quantified goals will make it easier to know when you complete your daily tasks, which will help you fulfill your resolution.

Keep a Record of Progress

By keeping record of your accomplishments you will know your progress, which will also boost your self-esteem by reminding you what you have done so far. If you are trying to get the nicotine monkey off your back, tally every day you are nicotine-free on a whiteboard or a calendar. Set on losing weight this year? Keep track of your caloric intake and stay motivated with a fitness app.

Implement The Buddy System

One way to make sure you keep to your resolution is to invite a friend to join you. Carpool to the gym together, remind a friend to spend time with her family, or go to healthy food retailers to help keep your eye on the prize. Not only will involving a friend in your resolution make it fun, but a buddy can help motivate you to complete the task at hand. This will help you enjoy sticking to your resolution by creating social support.

Remain Positive and Celebrate The Small Victories

Always remember that any action you take to better your life, no matter the magnitude, is an accomplishment. If you so happen to break your New Year’s resolution mid-year, don’t beat yourself up. What better time to begin your resolution again than today? Stay strong and keep pushing. Most importantly, remember to celebrate the small victories along the way. Stuck to your New Year’s diet for 24 hours? You are awesome!

Keep these four tips in mind when your path gets bumpy, persistence will pay off in the end. We commend you all for shaping , and will strive to help you along the way.