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5 Tips to Simplify the Back-to-School Rhythm

With Summer over, school routines are back in action. Whether your youngest just started kindergarten or you’re sending your teen to college, here are some tips to help getting in the back-to-school swing of things.

1. Shop Strategically.

Hitting the back-to-school sales without a plan is a sure way to overspend. Instead, make a strategic plan. Check your child’s stash of school supplies from last year to see if anything can be reused. Then, make a list of the recommended amount of supplies he or she will need.

Take a similar approach with clothes. Back-to-school time is a great opportunity to clear out your child’s entire closet. Have your kid try on every piece of clothing to see what fits versus what needs to be donated. This helps you shop strategically for the clothes needed most.

2. Schedule Your Child’s School or Sports Physical.

Late summer/early fall is the perfect time to schedule a school or sports physical for your child. Have the clinician review your child’s immunization records to ensure they are up to date. Don’t to forget to bring a form if a physical is needed for your child to play school sports.

3. Get In Touch with Your Child’s Teacher.

It never hurts to get to know your child’s new teacher. Reach out to let the teacher know if your child has special needs or requires academic accommodations, and simply say hello to establish good rapport.

4. Make Healthy Lunch Plans.

Planning ahead when it comes to lunches can make school mornings less hectic. If your child eats school lunches, make sure an adequate amount of money is deposited in the lunch account. If you’re planning to pack lunches, make sure each meal contains a fruit or vegetable, protein source and complex carbohydrates (like whole wheat bread).

5. Do Evening Prep for School.

Waiting until a few minutes before the bell rings to get ready and out the door can be a recipe for chaos at home. The night before, make sure clothes are set out, backpacks are packed and lunches are prepared to make your mornings run more smoothly. Keep this habit going throughout the school year. Spending a little time every Sunday getting things in order can help your Monday go well and also allow for a better night’s rest!

Sometimes kids catch colds or small viruses when school is back in session — aim to prevent this by serving a lot of fruits and vegetables at meals. If your child does get sick, bring him or her by CareSpot. We can get them back to school in no time. Here’s to a great school year!

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