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6 reasons why you should eat more kale

Looking for a delicious snack that is also healthy? Try kale! This green superfood has some fantastic health benefits. Here are some reasons why you should be including more of this nutritious vegetable in your diet:

1. Kale Can Help You Lose Weight

Kale has incredibly high amounts of fiber. The fiber combined with the green’s water content helps you feel full, preventing you from eating more. Like raisins and grapes, kale also has a low energy density, which has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss. A single serving of kale is 33 calories, which is the perfect low-calorie snack to fill you up when you’re trying to lose weight.

2. Great source of Vitamin C and K

One of the most important nutrients is Vitamin C and kale is packed with it! A single cup of this green veggie contains over 134% of your daily Vitamin C intake, which is more than half the servings other vegetables like spinach. Kale is also rich in Vitamin K, containing almost 7 times the daily amount! This nutrient is important for bone health and in preventing heart disease and blood cots.

3. Kale Can Help Lower Cholesterol 

Sure, kale is packed with a ton of vitamins, but it also contains high amounts of lutein. Lutein is a xanthophyll that has been known to help lower cholesterol by stopping it from building up in the body. Lowering your cholesterol can reduce your chances for a stroke or heart attack. 

Lutein doesn’t just help your cholesterol levels, as it’s also been proven to improve your eyesight. This carotenoid promotes a healthy retina by reducing glare while enhancing contrast. 

4. Packed with Antioxidants 

From carotenoids to flavonoids, kale is full of antioxidants. Why does your body need antioxidants? Humans naturally produce free radicals, and if they aren’t challenged, your body can contract a wide array of illnesses from heart problems to mood disorders. Kale can help combat the oxidative stress that free radical molecules cause, and can be very helpful in preventing both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease.

5. Cancer Prevention

One of the many ways to reduce the risk of cancers is by consuming organosulfur compounds, which happens to be rich in kale. By protecting cells from DNA damage and helping inactive carcinogens, kale can help prevent cancer in the colon, liver, lung and stomach.

6. Healthier Skin

We talked earlier about the massive amounts of Vitamin C inside of kale which works to curb heart disease, but the nutrient also works to boost the skin. The vitamin C and copper inside kale helps you form the collagen needed for strong skin, and can assist in preventing skin damage from the sun. Vitamin A is also present in kale, which constantly works to promote healthy cell growth, specifically in the dermis and epidermis of the skin.

Don’t like kale, why not try Kale Chips? You’ll still get the nutrients you need and it will taste much better. Or if you’re on the go, why not make a Kale Smoothie for a great-tasting beverage that will do wonders for your body in the long run. For more tips on living a healthy lifestyle or any other health care needs, visit a MedPost location near you!