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7 reasons moms rock our world

May is not only a month of beautiful weather and blooming flowers, it’s also the month where one of our most important holidays is celebrated: Mother’s Day! This day is a special opportunity for us to show our moms how much we love and appreciate them.

It’s nearly impossible to write out all the reasons and ways that mothers are wonderful, but in honor of this great holiday, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ones:

1. Mom will always love you

Friendships come and go, but a mother’s love always remains. She may or may not be your best friend but, through thick and thin, you can always count on your mother’s support and genuine loving friendship.

2. Mom takes care of you when you’re sick

No one likes being sick, yet Mom always finds a way to turn this rough situation into a special feeling. Mothers have a way of taking care of you physically and emotionally when you’re sick. Even if you’re no longer a child, Mom loves you like a baby every time she takes care of you. We all have to admit, it feels amazing to be pampered by her. She is the original urgent care!

3. Mom is patient

Even after years of temper tantrums and late nights waiting for you to come home, Mom manages to patiently love and forgive you. Sometimes it feels like mothers are a never ending well of patience. Now that you’re all grown up, make sure to let her know how much you appreciate her and all that she has endured throughout the years.

4. Mom makes you feel special

Have you ever felt so down that only Mom can pick you back up? No matter what you’re going through, it seems like she always understands. Even if you’re not going through anything tough, it still feels great to be able to call her up and hear her kind words of encouragement.

5. Mom cooks something you love

Even if one of your friends is a master chef, there’s that one dish that Mom makes best. There’s something special about a mother’s touch that makes things just taste better! Even better if she not only knows how to make delicious food, but nutritious meals that maximize your potential.

6. Mom remembers your birthday

Everyone loves a good birthday party celebration. No matter how excited you were about your special day, Mom was and still is always more excited! All the planning and decorating efforts she does for your birthday are definitely one of the reasons she’s amazing.

7. Mom is your number one cheerleader

Whether you were the captain of your softball team or you’re currently taking a break from the working world, your mom will always be your number one cheerleader. Her support is truly unconditional and she’s always there to give you words of support and encouragement.

To sum it up, mothers are just awesome and full of love! There’s no better way to thank your mom for all she’s done than to simply tell her how much you love and appreciate her. What fun plans do you have for Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comment section below!