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Healthcare 101: How To Protect Your Hygiene at the Gym

Doctors recommend regular exercise — a strong heart and a healthy weight are often the result of regular workouts. However, hanging at the gym can have its drawbacks. Lingering odors and athlete’s foot are just a couple of undesirable issues that you won’t want to bring home (or to the workplace). To stay fresh and smell good after a sweaty workout, try these 4 tips!

Gym Hygiene Tips

Get a metal or glass water bottle – Did you know that plastic water bottles can harbor bacteria? Invest in glass or metal options, and try to avoid the water fountain since it can be very unsanitary.

Bring a towel or wipes with you – You aren’t the only one sweating it out on the elliptical or stationary bike! In many cases, there has been someone there before, grasping bars with sweaty palms. Did they spray it down afterwards? We can only hope. People using the equipment before you may have touched their faces or forgot to wash their hands after a bathroom break (yikes!). So it’s important to always wipe down equipment before exercising. This will help reduce the possibility that gym bacteria and germs make you their next target!

Change into fresh clothes – After a decent workout, you and your clothing will be damp — and those sweaty clothes are a breeding ground for all sorts of unpleasantness. Those who don’t change clothes right after a workout may experience itchiness, odors, irritation and more. Do yourself (and others) a favor and put on fresh underwear and clothes–even if you had to skip the shower.

Say no to bare feet – Did you sign up for a fungal infection with that gym membership? Probably not! Make sure you sport flip flops in locker rooms and gym showers. You may not be able to detect the presence of athlete’s foot on gym floors, so play it safe with a little extra protection. Athlete’s foot can some take time to resolve, so it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Important note: fungal infections and wounds that will not heal may indicate an issue with your immune system. If you find this is the case, speak with a healthcare professional to discuss additional ways to boost your hygiene and your health.

Get the Most from the Gym—In a Good Way!

The gym is a great place to get in that kickboxing class, to socialize and even enjoy a little steam. The tips above—in addition to staying home when sick—will help all gym members get fit, stay fit, and maintain healthy hygiene. If you are still wary of germs at the gym, try exercising outside!