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Healthy Tips to Help Spring Forward

Few people relish the lost hour of sleep that comes with the daylight saving time change. As we move our clocks forward each spring, it often takes people awhile to fully adjust to the shift of time. However, if you look at this seasonal change in the right light, we’re sure you can find some advantages to “springing forward!”

Get Active After Work

In the winter, it is often dark by the time we get home from the office (and in some places, before we leave the office!). With the arrival of daylight savings time in spring, you can start scheduling evening activities to take advantage of that extra hour of sunshine.

The extra hour of sunlight is just enough to enjoy a walk on a local trail after work. You can also make it a family affair and take a stroll around your neighborhood before dinner. You might also choose a central spot to meet up with friends and make it a date to walk on a regular basis. Researchers say that walking can offer significant benefits for our emotional and mental health, including lower stress levels. These health benefits don’t just apply to walking, though—you can also go bike riding, running, or pick up a game of disc golf at a local course.

Catch a Sunrise

Most of us are still slumbering around the time that the sun comes up, but with the time change the sun will rise an hour later. Getting out of bed a little earlier gives you the chance to catch a beautiful view that you might have been missing before the time change!

The night before the change, try setting up your coffee to brew at a certain time in the morning so that you have a little extra motivation. Coffee paired with some breakfast oats or another healthy option can help you get a jump start on the day. Bring your camera or phone outside to capture the view. With a reminder of the beauty you can enjoy this time of year, the change in schedule might be a little easier.

Start a New Habit

The time change will mean a bit of grogginess in the morning for almost everyone. Why not use the disruption to your advantage and seize the opportunity to introduce something new?

If you’ve had the intention of adding exercise to your day, you can time your new hobby to coincide with the changing of the clock. When these things occur at the same time, you are not introducing multiple disruptions to your routine. You can increase productivity by using the hour for neglected work, or find your zen by scheduling a solid 30-60 minutes of meditation into your day.

By looking at the time change as an opportunity, you are less likely to find it an unpleasant disruption. Think about the new, healthy habits that would enhance your quality of life and your health. By adding them now, you can increase the chances of these new activities becoming a regular part of your routine.

While springing forward does cost us a single hour of lost sleep, it also signifies the beginning of spring, longer days, and more pleasant weather!

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