Important Back-to-School Health Reminders

children on bus going to school

Are you back into the back-to-school swing of things? What do you need to do to get everyone ready? Whether your area schools have recently opened or will be very soon, going back to school means more than buying school supplies and clothing. There are a number of ways to get a child physically and mentally prepared to begin a school year on a positive note, and we're here to help with a few tips.

Back To School Reminders

1. Build Excitement

Create a sense of anticipation for going back to school and a positive mindset for the first day back. Talk about good memories from the previous year. Remind your child that he or she will also be able to make new friends and renew old friendships when a new school year begins.

2. Healthy Sleep Patterns

Make it easier for you and your child to transition back to a school schedule. During the summer, it is easy to let children stay up late and sleep in. A week or more before the first day of school, get children to bed earlier and get them up around the time they would wake up for school. In this way, children will be well-rested and prepared to get started on a full day of school activities when their bodies are accustomed to getting up early and enjoying the recommended amount of sleep needed for their age. This helps parents as well, since children are less likely to be fussy when they are rested and prepared to return to school.

3. Eat Well

Food is fuel for the body. Give your child their healthy foods he or she needs for optimal health and support their body’s functions. Children and adults who eat balanced meals incorporated a range of fruits and vegetables often experience fewer colds. Get ready for the onslaught of germs and bacteria at school by building up a child’s immune system with healthy foods and good eating habits. In addition, a nutritious breakfast appears to benefit children as they focus and perform at school. A healthy diet supports multiple facets of a child’s health.

4. Immunizations and Checkups

Children attending public school are required to have certain vaccinations. Immunizations must be kept up to date and flu vaccines are often recommended. Avoid waiting for the last minute and schedule appointments early. Annual physical exams and a vision exam may also be necessary for a child to return to school. Attending to vision issues with new prescriptions or therapies can improve a child’s performance in school and on the field. Vaccinations, physicals and vision exams are all important to starting off the school year on the right foot.

Visit an Urgent Care Location

Summer seems to last forever but before you know it, it's time for school again. Schedule necessary appointments with CareSpot Urgent Care to get immunizations, and other back-to-school health requirements. And if the start of school year happens to bring a few sniffles or a playground scrape or cut... CareSpot can help with that, too.