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New Parent Survival

Having a new baby in the house is a life-changing event, and stress is part of the job. Concern for the baby’s health, self-doubts about new roles, sleep deprivation and Mom’s fluctuating hormones can set the stage for a breakdown of mental and physical health. Tending a new baby around the clock is not easy. Beyond eating right and resting whenever possible to replenish energy, here are two survival tips for all new parents:

Team up

  • Communicate thoroughly and often. There’s enough work to go around, so talk regularly about what you both need and how you can tackle challenges as a team.
  • Share the attention. Early on, moms tend to pick up a lot of slack. But dads need time, too, to navigate the new role. For both parents, time yields bonding and learning, which brings a desire for more time.
  • Stay positive. As much as you can, be supportive. Rather than criticizing your partner’s new parenting techniques, just say thank you. It may encourage more help in the future.

Take a break

  • No matter how much you love your baby, every once in a while you need a break. A workout, a massage, or for some parents even getting back to work for a few hours is a big stress reliever. Find that thing that helps you recharge, and make it happen.