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An Ounce of Prevention Really Is Worth a Pound of Cure

We get it. Some people dread a visit to a medical professional and often avoid it at all costs. For many, it’s hard to shake the mentality of “that’s only something I do if I’m sick or injured.” However, preventative care (checkups, screenings, vaccinations and more) can help prevent or detect diseases early, which may save lives and also help mitigate expensive, long-term healthcare costs. And while CareSpot does indeed provide a variety of urgent care services for sickness or injury, it also offers preventative healthcare services as well.

According to a study conducted by the CDC, of the 900,000 Americans who die from the five leading causes of death (heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidents, and stroke), up to 40 percent could have been prevented. Many of these deaths are tied to behavioral causes, from tobacco use and sun exposure, to diet and exercise. Regular visits and consultations with medical professionals can help you assess your risk factors for serious diseases. Primary care physicians are an optimal choice for yearly screenings. CareSpot is available for to perform your yearly screenings if you are not able to see your PCP. Additionally, CareSpot can offer many lab tests and screenings with same-day service when you want interim checks throughout the year.

CareSpot offers a broad variety of test panels and screenings — from diabetes and cholesterol to TB tests, STD tests, pregnancy tests, urinalysis, testosterone screening, biometric screens and much more. Here’s a list of many wellness check services available at CareSpot. 

Contact your local CareSpot for any questions and to see if your desired service or screenings is available at that location.

Immunizations are also a crucial part of preventative health. Staying up to date on your vaccines (as well as your children’s) makes for a healthier population. It’s important to stay current with tetanus, whooping cough, measles, and mumps vaccinations to prevent any of these debilitating diseases. Getting a yearly influenza vaccine is also important as it reduces the likelihood of you getting the flu [link to flu shot blog] or experiencing severe symptoms.

How Can It Save Money if It Costs Money?

As some will point out, preventative care does cost money – although some of it is covered by many insurance plans. More visits with a medical professional may seem like more out-of-pocket costs in the short term, but complications from serious illnesses can prove much more costly when long hospitals stays and illnesses requiring more complex treatment are necessary. An often overlooked factor to consider is the potential for lost wages as well as valuable time with family and friends missed to due health complications that are not treated early on..

Catching a disease or preventing a condition from worsening through screenings and preventative health can help reduce expenses over time, improve quality of life, and most importantly save lives. The ACA has taken measures to have more preventative care covered by many insurance plans, encouraging a healthier and more informed population. Take advantage of any preventive care benefits your own plan provides – and even if you don’t have insurance, you can find affordable screenings at CareSpot throughout the year to help you to keep tabs on your health.