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Piling On More Stress?

Most of us are great at accumulating stuff and packing schedules. Unfortunately, we’re not so good at freeing ourselves up. Here are a few ways to balance the load.

Why physical clutter is unhealthy:

  • It makes it difficult to relax – always more work to be done!
  • It causes feelings of embarrassment about our space.
  • It overstimulates our senses with unimportant details. 
  • It can distract us from what’s important.
  • It makes us late when we can’t find something.
  • It leads to stress!

Clear your space

  • Don’t try to tackle the whole house in one weekend. Focus on one drawer, closet, room or other project at a time and consider setting a time limit to make it feel more manageable. A written schedule can be checked off as you go and may help you appreciate your progress.
  • When you’re on the fence about tossing or keeping an item, box it up for a year. If you don’t use it in that time, get rid of it.
  • Sort through papers and mail as soon as they come in and toss or file away.
  • After displaying your child’s artwork, take a picture of it to save in an album and toss the original (except in the case of a true masterpiece).
  • When it comes to cherished pieces of family history, you can’t keep it all. Pick your favorites to display, make a shadow box to show smaller items and sell or donate the rest.
  • Establish a new house rule: When something comes in, something goes out. This applies to clothes, toys, magazines, etc.

Clear your head

  • Just say no to commitments you don’t have time for or interest in attending. 
  • Honor personal time. Making “me time” a priority is the only way to ensure it won’t be overtaken by other jobs and tasks. Start scheduling personal time just as you would any other important appointment.
  • Unplug to unwind. This includes the TV, the laptop, the cell phone and other devices that steal your attention away from the present moment. You’ll feel more rested after the mental break.