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A Clean Home is a Healthy Home

With the weather warming and more sunshine on the way, you’re probably thinking about fun ways to celebrate the start of spring — from backyard barbecues to sun-splashed afternoons in the pool.

But before you send out invites to family and friends, there is one thing you should probably do: a thorough spring cleaning.

Let’s face it: It has been awhile since you last got into every nook and cranny of your home. You do keep it tidy, but now is the time to really go after the accumulated dirt and grime.

Deep cleaning might not be fun (for some), but it can have significant health benefits. Here are three good reasons to put on a good podcast, pull on our rubber gloves, and give your home that extra spring shine.

Dust, mold and pet dander make allergies worse

Giving the house a good cleaning can improve the health of your family. Take down the window treatments or push aside the shelves and furniture and see what you find. It may be more than change and lost toys! Accumulated dust and pet dander may trigger allergies in sensitive individuals and increase their levels of inflammation.

Dampness and levels of high humidity make it easy for mold to grow and negatively impact the long-term health of adults and growing children. Get high and low, reaching baseboards, tiles, behind pipes and more to get at those less-obvious hiding places for dirt, dust and grime.

A clean home means you’ll breath easier

Many will soon be turning on the air-conditioning. It is important to check the air-conditioning and heating equipment in a home. Air-conditioning and furnace filters need to be replaced every month or so depending on the filter chosen. In addition, bathroom fans should also be cleaned. Turn off the power and wash the cover and clean fan blades.

The dirt in a home sometimes hide deep within. Check your HVAC system and remove outer covers to give your home a deep clean. This will help reduce the level of potential allergens in a home and alert you to any other home maintenance issues.

Home maintenance can even prevent serious hazards

It seems like a pretty strong statement to make, but having working smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors may make the difference between life and death for yourself and those you love. Keep your detectors working as they should when you replace batteries twice a year. Some choose to do so during daylight savings time and standard time. Dust and vacuum detectors while you are replacing the batteries this spring for optimal performance.

Make every spring a time to thoroughly clean your home. Get the family involved in cleaning and organizing their rooms. Talk to a healthcare practitioner to learn more about how cleaning your home may improve any existing health concerns and prevent future health conditions.

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