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Why Are School Physicals So Important?

For a kid, the summer may feel endless, but as summer continues, parents begin thinking about backpacks, pencils and school physicals. What makes the school physical such a critical part of planning the new year? Read on to discover.

A Healthy Lifestyle Right From the Start

Physicals are important throughout your life. It enables you to screen for diseases, keep vaccinations current and get the information you need to stay fit and healthy. This is true at any age, so by taking your child in for a school physical, you reinforce this positive step towards a healthy lifestyle.

For many children, it may be scary to visit a medical office. However, an annual visit eliminates some of the mystery and helps kids adjust to the idea that the physician or advanced nurse practitioner is there to help, not hurt.

Dealing with Life’s Problems

Kids face a lot these days — from peer pressure to cyberbullying. Clinicians at MedPost are trained to see warning signs that parents may miss. This can include symptoms of developmental problems, mental health concerns and other issues that can affect your child’s quality of life.

An annual physical gives you time to talk about concerns you have, too, like how to talk about sex, positive self-image or how much time is “too much” in front of the computer each day.

What to Expect During a School Physical

A school physical is a comprehensive exam based on guidelines provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The goal is to screen for medical and mental health problems. Typically, clinicians gauge the maturity level of the child and compare it to what is expected of someone in that age group.

The physician or advanced nurse practitioner will discuss with you the medical history of your child and determine if all his or her immunizations are up to date. A record is made of your child’s weight, height and vital signs. The exam will include looking at the ears, mouth and skin for common problems. You can expect your clinician to check the heart, lungs and throat, as well.

Preparing for the School Physical

As you and your child prepare for that physical, make a list of anything you want to discuss. Have you noticed any specific behaviors or problems that you’d like checked out?

Make a list of questions you want to ask, too. For example:

  • Is it safe for your child to play sports?
  • What vitamins should you give your son or daughter each day?
  • How many hours of sleep are necessary during the school season?

With a school physical each year, you know your son or daughter is healthy and ready for the challenges ahead. Make your appointment online for a school physical today!

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