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Convenient, fast , great staff !

S.T. | January 1, 1970

Didn’t have to wait long for an appointment. Very friendly staff. The doctor I saw was excellent. I had an overall great experience! I will definitely go back there and I have already recommended it to a lot of my friends and neighbors!

R.L. | January 1, 1970


D.R. | January 1, 1970

Service was fast. Everyone was friendly and professional.

V.B. | January 1, 1970

The receptionist at the front desk was very professional and efficient. The Dr. Was on duty was very knowledgeable and compassionate.

T.V. | January 1, 1970

Very quick and professional.

R.Y. | January 1, 1970

I came in for help with a cough I’ve had for two weeks. The cough turned productive 5 days before my visit. The nurse took my pulse, temperature, performed a covid test, and later the doctor walked in and told me I probably didn’t have covid and after listening to my lungs told me that if I did I would probably be okay. Nobody addressed the reason I came. A flu test was not performed because “I received the flu shot this year and they picked the vaccine well” despite the fact that I have received annual flu shots for a decade and have contracted the flu on numerous occasions. No diagnostics were performed outside of the covid swab. I did not want a covid test. I did not believe I had the coronavirus. I wanted help for a cough that has been growing progressively violent and disruptive. I was given no medicine, advice, or guidance regarding the cough I have had for two weeks. I wasted seventy five dollars for 5 minutes of a nurses time and 2 minutes of the doctor’s. If this survey is serious about trying to “make things right” then I expect a refund for my copay in full. This visit has affirmed my belief that veterinarians are superior diagnosticians to medical doctors. There is no chance that my clinic would allow a client to leave our practice without the confidence that we had exhausted every resource at our disposal to effectively identify and treat the symptoms and ailments presented to us by our patients. This experience was a pointless exercise in a la carte medicine; if I had wanted a covid test as opposed to a doctor’s appointment there are cheaper and more efficient alternatives than going to the urgent care center. Cordially, [NAME REMOVED]

S.S. | January 1, 1970

I was so very grateful that they were open on a day when ever other urgent care was closed. i was very pleased with my service.

C.A. | January 1, 1970

Everything…. Speed, thoroughness, accessibility on a holiday, everything.

J.A. | January 1, 1970

You guys are the best

C.C. | January 1, 1970

Wait time too long.

C.A. | January 1, 1970

Quick, friendly and easy

J.C. | January 1, 1970

Very professional, convenient and efficient. Handled both the appointments for my wife and I in a very timely fashion.

L.S. | January 1, 1970

Professional, personable and relevant to our current circumstances.

S.C. | January 1, 1970

Fast and curteous

L.T. | January 1, 1970

I made an appointment and was seen very closely after the selected time . Everyone on the staff was pleasant , efficient , and well organized . After I specified my complaint , the nurse and PA were quick to provide treatment to solve my issue .

P.M. | January 1, 1970

Courteous and professional

C.W. | January 1, 1970

Very professional and courteous.

L.W. | January 1, 1970

Everyone was nice happy

R.J. | January 1, 1970

Well done Covit 19 test.

F.D. | January 1, 1970