High Contrast


Very fast, friendly and professional.

J.M. | January 1, 1970

Service needed was available

S.S. | January 1, 1970

everyone was very caring, kind and professional, wouldn’t consider going anywhere else

J.J. | January 1, 1970

I felt I was in a very safe environment due to the Covid-19 virus. The office was well arranged to keep social distancing. And I was able to wash my hands with sanitizer or with soap and water. Love the visit I was not stressed at all.

T.R. | January 1, 1970

Quick, professional, courteous

S.L. | January 1, 1970

Thoughtfulness throughout the process. I was happy with infection control factors within facility. Staff were professional in their conversation with other people that came in to to building.

S.W. | January 1, 1970

The offices need some fresh paint and new tables. It is starting to look a little dated and unkempt.

G.M. | January 1, 1970

Ease of check in, short waiting time and thorough check up.

C.M. | January 1, 1970

The staff are so professional and knowledgeable they listen and care about your illness they make you feel at home! Thank you So much [NAME REMOVED]

R.S. | January 1, 1970

The professionalism of the staff and the concern while attending you.

B.T. | January 1, 1970

Convenient location…. efficient staff….clean facility.

L.R. | January 1, 1970

How professional you guys are and I felt in confidence with the doctor wo attended me

S.M. | January 1, 1970

Short waiting time.

K.L. | January 1, 1970


D.W. | January 1, 1970

Convenient location and hours. Knowledgeable doctor. Ease of scheduling and availability of appointments. X-ray

J.C. | January 1, 1970

Everything, the doctor and nurse were fantastic

D.N. | January 1, 1970

If you have an appointment for 9 or 945 why can’t you get in at that time that’s what an appointment is for right? A few minutes to wait is ok but 40 when you schedule an appointment around work and kids makes it hard. I would like to see all places that take appointments to do a much better job at this

K.W. | January 1, 1970

The service was great .The nurse was friendly, courteous and funny.The staff overall is great. Strongly recommend this place.

P.J. | January 1, 1970

Efficient and fast

M.P. | January 1, 1970

I liked the promptness and professionalism. Check in went smoothly as well as the process of being seen.

R.S. | January 1, 1970