High Contrast


Quick, personable, professional service

C.P. | January 1, 1970

Took us back right away and staff was really sweet with my son as he was the patient. Always making sure he was comfortable and his needs met. Fast service, nice, clean. I do recommend!

F.M. | January 1, 1970

Very professional and competent staff. I was in and out in 15 minutes. Great job!

G.R. | January 1, 1970

Went well I was called back only 20 minutes after my appointment there was only one person when I arrived with my friend. At my doctors office I wait an average of 45 minutes to get called back. So not bad

Q.G. | January 1, 1970

The staff was very friendly, the facility was very clean and the wait wasn’t bad even though we didn’t have an appointment

C.H. | January 1, 1970

Clean efficient and friendly staff

P.G. | January 1, 1970

Professionalism Cleanliness

S.C. | January 1, 1970

Staff were very friendly and helpful, even though it was late in the evening, and I arrived just before closing time.

J.B. | January 1, 1970

Goog. Morning l was happy about the service. It s was very good

J.C. | January 1, 1970

Not long wait Once in patient room. Meagan, PA awesome… listens to patient!!!

K.C. | January 1, 1970


M.L. | January 1, 1970

Nice people and good service!

K.O. | January 1, 1970

Kindness and patience of staff and feeling comfortable.

R.C. | January 1, 1970

Staff very professional & pleasant

K.E.R. | January 1, 1970

very friendly and fast

T.B. | January 1, 1970

Your service very polite and your instructions to feel save and comfortable thank you so much

F.M. | January 1, 1970

Convenient location. Short wait for an appointment. Knowledgeable staff. Friendly.

J.W. | January 1, 1970

I called earlier in the week and made an appointment for Friday morning at 9:00 am because I work. I arranged to be at work no later then 9:45. I was the only person in the waiting room besides one other person who came in after me. At 9:40 I approached the receptionist to remind her that I had a 9:00am appt and asked why the delay. She and all the staff were very friendly but when I make an appt for 9:00, I expect to be seen on time. Especially when the waiting room is all but empty. I probably will not come back to that facility.

M.A.S. | January 1, 1970

Dr Butler and staff

C.R. | January 1, 1970

They were very kind and explained everything involving my visit.

A.G. | January 1, 1970