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Appointment scheduling, service & testing are fast. I was seen right away. Waiting area was clean & seating area were all space to allow safe distancing during this pandemic. All my questions were answered professionally by everyone according to their knowledge, skill level or position. Thsnk you all for yoyr service as Heroes at the frontline of this pandemic.

M.C. | January 1, 1970

Online appointment

R.M. | January 1, 1970

Very prompt, Friendly,and professional.

L.B. | January 1, 1970

facility was very clean, all staff was extremely friendly, and did not have to wait long

T.L. | January 1, 1970

Friendly, Professional, Caring Staff!

E.C. | January 1, 1970

Very clean, efficient. Doctor very caring.

P.T. | January 1, 1970

The doctor and nurse was very friendly. Overall very caring and I didn’t wait all day to be seen

F.B. | January 1, 1970

Associates were very kind and reassuring.

E.F. | January 1, 1970

Nurse practitioner stated my lungs dont look that bad but would not go into detail of what she saw in the x ray Left me with concern

M.R. | January 1, 1970

Efficient, organized checkin process, knowledgeable doctors/staff

D.M. | January 1, 1970

The staff & Doctor’s are concerned about there patients health. kind. Loving, & cariing.

L.R. | January 1, 1970

Convienient but assessment of what’s wrong could be done sooner so maybe prioritize by need sometimes would be good like maybes few minutes With a nurse in the beginning would’ve nice then for me naaybe an ice pack . It’d make me second guess. The emergency room. The care I revived was good and professional . I am a big oversized man tha the waiting room was prepared for with the benches but there was only one room available for me to sit and meet with the Doctor . Small chairs with arms or tall tables to climb up are not providing a place for me . The only room available was the precedure room with a table that was adjustable. Thank you for that . I did not plan to be a big man but I am , there are others that may come and never come back instead of saying anything , each room should have a bench type chair to accommodate people like my e and smaller instead of up to one size and sorry we can’t help you in not maybe disclaimers should be posted

R.C.J. | January 1, 1970

Very nice 10/out of10

T.P. | January 1, 1970

The medical and all other staff are always friendly and helpful. No matter what the problem is, they try to figure it out. When I’m sick, I always need a doctors note, because of the kind of company I work for, and usually my PCP’s office is not available in a timely manner, but MedPost is and the P A’s there have been accommodating in providing the notes when I need them. Thank you so much for your help, MedPost Cypress!

J.V.H. | January 1, 1970

The doctor knew what I had after speaking with me for a couple of mins. Resolved my problem within minutes.

W.B. | January 1, 1970

The person who impressed me was Fabiano, from the moment I called to make the appointment , and you heard this peaceful voice, trying to accommodate your needs, to the moment you enter the facility and he greet you very warm and very polite explain every single step to follow from putting hand sanitizer to filling up the registration on the iPad, I would recomend the facility just because of him and the male doctor, unfortunately I didn’t feel the warmth on the female stuff, take this as a constructive criticism, but this 2 people make me recommend this place to my friends.

M.R. | January 1, 1970

You are Fast and gentle

M.O. | January 1, 1970

Everything was great

S.M. | January 1, 1970

Less wait time

K.E. | January 1, 1970

Very courteous and very organized

W.M. | January 1, 1970