High Contrast



D.W. | January 1, 1970

Convenient location and hours. Knowledgeable doctor. Ease of scheduling and availability of appointments. X-ray

J.C. | January 1, 1970

Everything, the doctor and nurse were fantastic

D.N. | January 1, 1970

If you have an appointment for 9 or 945 why can’t you get in at that time that’s what an appointment is for right? A few minutes to wait is ok but 40 when you schedule an appointment around work and kids makes it hard. I would like to see all places that take appointments to do a much better job at this

K.W. | January 1, 1970

The service was great .The nurse was friendly, courteous and funny.The staff overall is great. Strongly recommend this place.

P.J. | January 1, 1970

Efficient and fast

M.P. | January 1, 1970

I liked the promptness and professionalism. Check in went smoothly as well as the process of being seen.

R.S. | January 1, 1970

The Carespot at Lee Vista was very nice and clean. No wait time and the doctor was very approachable and took his time to understand the symptoms and provide recommendations for treatment.

G.S.C.U. | January 1, 1970

Efficient and caring.

Y.P. | January 1, 1970

The service was quick and very helpful.

J.S. | January 1, 1970

Friendly staff and helpful doctor.

A.C. | January 1, 1970

Was told by receptionist wait time for appt was 1 and 1/2 , but was sitting in reception area for over 4 hours . My husband and i finally decided to leave! We are both diabetics and could not bear to sit there any longer! Receptionist carrying these loud conversations with eachother. It was a bit annoying. People were complaining to eachother about the wait time. I would never go there again and not recommend anyone either. Another thing…..you are located in a predominately Hispanic area.. .so your receptions should be able to speak spanish! They prefer to say, “i dont speak spanish…sorry!” It was absolutley horrible to watch and experience that several times with patients that came in!

N.A.D. | January 1, 1970

Very friendly and professional staff

E.M. | January 1, 1970

Friendly staff. Quick service.

C.K. | January 1, 1970

Care Spot has always been there for me and my children any time I call. They make time the same day and the staff are kind, helpful and understanding even in this pandemic…. Thank you Care Spot❤😊

T.H. | January 1, 1970


D.W. | January 1, 1970

You’re there when needed

P.B. | January 1, 1970

Prompt and polite

M.R. | January 1, 1970

Bothered me that waiting patients were sitting wherever they wanted, some next to each other.

D.M. | January 1, 1970

If your provider can’t offer 48 hour turnaround for COVID testing, please don’t advertise it.

C.C. | January 1, 1970