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4 Safety Plans You Need in the Workplace

Don’t let your business fall victim to the “I’ll do it next week” mentality. Safety procedures are an often overlooked but valuable asset to any company. Put plans in place now to keep your employees safe in case of emergency.

Fire Drills

A specific plan should be mapped out for employees to safely evacuate the building and avoid panic or injury. Be sure to note where alarms and emergency phones are located as well.

Severe Weather

Drills for tornado, hurricane and flash flood warnings should be practiced periodically to remind employees of the safest ways to seek shelter.

Power Outages

In the case of a company-wide power outage, employees should know the protocol for exiting the building without using elevators, electronic keypads, etc.

Security Threats

Policies outlining what to do in case of a security emergency like a break-in should be clearly communicated and accessible to employees for their own reference. With this type of situation, it is especially important to have all employees on the same page.

While practicing these plans, work with your employees to make your methods as effective as possible. At a minimum, your business should practice drills and review protocols once every six months. Timing drills will also help you identify areas where efficiency can be improved. Preparedness matters during an emergency, and your employees will feel valued knowing that their safety is always priority No. 1.