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4 Benefits of Tech Wearables

It seems everyone these days wears some sort of health tracker on their wrist. No wonder, the tech wearables industry is expected to reach $19 billion by 2017.

Want to know what the buzz is all about? This is the post for you. Medical professionals suspect that wellness trackers have the potential to transform the health and wellness industries. Wonder why? Read on.

Promote Preventative Health

Oftentimes, people only pay attention to their health when they’re sick. Tech wearables encourage users to pay attention all the time. Getting enough physical exercise is associated with a lower rate of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and even certain forms of cancer. Therefore, investing in a tech wearable can have a powerful impact on your overall health just because you’re paying more attention!

Empower Patients to Understand Health

The healthiest patients are those who are empowered to understand their own health. Instead of only checking in at your annual physical, tech wearables allow you to take charge of your health everyday. The devices can sync with your computer or smartphone, giving you instant access to performance metrics. Plus, most wearable tech devices provide helpful graphs and figures that make tracking your health easy. One easy-to-read display can give you information about how your physical activity level has been over the past few weeks, inspiring you to make changes as needed or consult a medical professional if something seems off.

Track Many Important Metrics

Too often, people focus on weight as the main indicator of health or well-being. However, maintaining a healthy weight is just one aspect of promoting physical health. Wearables offer tracking options for numerous measures of your health. Introductory models track your number of steps and overall physical activity throughout the day. More advanced models may assess heart rate, estimated calorie consumption, elevation changes and even sleep patterns. These devices also include GPS, allowing you to map your runs or other workouts. Using these devices can give you a holistic picture of your health and wellness throughout the day, week, month and entire year.

Increases Motivation to Succeed in Goals

Unfortunately, many people begin new fitness activities with a high degree of enthusiasm, only to see that excitement fade away after a week or two. You can keep motivation high by tracking your progress every day, and even setting a reminder every 2-3 days in your phone or email (just in case you stop wearing or forget that tracker).​This allows you to stay on track to meet your fitness goals.

Tech wearables give you the power to take control of your health. With one of these devices, you can think about your health, before it’s urgent!